Information regarding the VvE - in English


For the non-Dutch speaking residents of the Association of Owners (Vereniging van Eigenaars - VvE) Bergsingel, the VvE created this (English) page as a summary of the important information of the bylaws. The bylaws can be found here, the bylaws are in Dutch.

The topics are:

Contact the Association of Owners (VvE)


You can contact the VvE via contact or by phone (010) 303 88 30


Internal Regulations (Huishoudelijk Reglement)

  The Internal Rules are a supplement to the rules that are in the law or the deed of division for the Owners' Association (VvE). The Internal Rules (and all rules therein) are adopted by the General Member Meeting (GMM) and can also be changed by the meeting. To this end, 2/3 of the total number of votes are represented at the GMM. Click here for de Internal Rules in English.

Report repairs


All resident can report repairs, regarding the general areas, such as lighting, elevator, or damages to doors etc, to the VvE. You can send an e-mail to of call (010) 303 88 30.

If you rent an apartment, repairs regarding the apartment you must contact your landlord.

Using the speedgate

You can find the manual for using the speedgate on this page 20.Handleiding gebruik speedgate



This concerns the public areas of the building (courtyard, entrance halls, bicycle sheds, dumpster areas, stairwells, walkways). The point is that sound reverberates/echoes. Urging all residents to keep in mind if you are staying in public areas of the building.

For clarity in the bylaws, the following is listed:

  • The use of musical instruments or sound systems, may not create a nuisance.
  • It is not allowed on working days between 22.00 and 07.00 hours to produce sound which can be a nuisance to fellow residents. On Saturdays, this applies to 08:00 on Sundays and public holidays until 10:00.

Use courtyard

Now the time comes that we want to enjoy the nice weather all together, the board wants to have a moment to remind you what things are or are not allowed inside our complex.

  • It is allowed to have a barbecue in the courtyard or on the rooftop terrace (of the underground car park) with charcoal. The condition is that at the end of the party everything is cleaned up and that the area is again tidy. The noise must of course be limited.
  • On the walkways and/or the small "balconies" should not be barbecued with fire. On the walkways and small balconies therefore only electric BBQs are premitted.
  • The courtyard and/or the rooftop terrace (of the underground car park) are places where children can play. Condition is that children are always under adult supervision and that all the toys (including toys tractors, bicycles, tricycles) at the end of the day are taken home, leaving the courtyard tidy.

Use walkways

With nice weather there is much use of the walkways. To ensure the safety of all residents (in memory of the bylaws) for what is allowed and what not.

  • In the bylaws is stated that on the walkways decorative attributes such as flowers bins, benches, chairs, etc. may be placed. There has to be a passage from 90cm remain free measured from the railing.
  • It is not allowed to use the walkways as storage for bicycles, BBQ or other things. Bikes may only be stored in the bicycle sheds or INDOOR in to your own homes.
  • It is also the responsibility of each resident to keep his/her piece of the walkway clean. The walkways and gutters are not cleaned by the cleaners.

Smoking in the building is NOT allowed

Unfortunately the board still receives complaints of smoking in the halls, elevators, parking.  Also smoking on the walkways leads to much irritation with some (often nonsmoking) residents. Therefore reiterates our call to not smoke in the general halls, parking and elevators, the bylaws prohibit smoking in those places.


In our building some smokers are often smoking very cozy on the walkways or on the small "balconies" (on the side of the Berkelselaan). These smokers must take into account that the smoke goes through the airvents, which are located at the walkways, into their neighbors house and then provides additional irritation!